Rifle Garfield County Airport

2022 Rules and regulations

Rifle Garfield County Airport Rules and Regulations-|

Minimum Standards

Rifle Garfield County Airport Minimum Standards-|

Effective December 14, 2015

For reference only. See the County Clerk and Recorder or the Airport Administration for official Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards

Development Guidelines

Airport Development guide
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Exhibit A Development Setbacks
Exhibit B Southeast Area
Exhibit C 2 Proposed Development Area Map

Rules and Regulations

General Provisions

These Rifle Garfield County Airport Rules and Regulations (“Rules and Regulations”) are promulgated under Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.)(1973), 41-3-106 which specifically grants the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) the power “…to provide the rules and regulations governing the use of such airport and facilities…”

100.02 – 100.02 The Board of County Commissioners authorizes and directs the Airport Director to interpret, administer and enforce all Airport minimum standards, rules, regulations and requirements; to permit appropriate aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities on airport property and to receive copies of all licenses, permits, certificates of insurance, and other documents requested and or required to be held or retained on file in the office of the Airport Director.

100.03 – The use of any portion of the airport property for revenue producing activities, whether directly or indirectly, shall be authorized by the Airport Director by lease and or through an Airport Operating Permit. Any and all commercial activity originating on airport property is prohibited without authorization from the Airport Director through a lease or valid Airport Operating Permit.

100.04 – Amendments, additions, deletions or corrections to these Rules and Regulations shall be initiated by the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners as conditions warrant at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

100.05 – TThese Rules and Regulations supersede and cancel all previous Rules and Regulations of Rifle Garfield County Airport.

100.06 – All operators, users and tenants entering or using the Rifle Garfield County Airport property shall be governed by these Rules and Regulations.

100.07 – Section 18-9-117, C.R.S., as amended, “Unlawful conduct on public property”, makes it unlawful for any person to violate these Rules and Regulations. Section 18-9-117 (3) (a) makes violation of these Rules and Regulations a class 3 misdemeanor. Section 18-1.3-501, C.R.S., as amended, authorizes, upon conviction, a minimum sentence of a $50.00 fine and a maximum sentence of six (6) months imprisonment or $750.00 fine or both.

100.08 – Violation/s of these Rules and Regulations may result in a verbal warning, written warning, cease and desist letter, fine, fee, revocation of ramp access privileges, rescind airport operating permit, termination of lease or other agreements, charged with C.R.S 18 Criminal Trespassing and or charged with C.R.S 18 Unlawful Conduct.

100.09 The Airport Director, with or without the assistance of law enforcement, may remove from the Airport any person who violates any rule or regulation prescribed herein, or any applicable statute, rule or regulation of the federal government or the State of Colorado, and may deny use of the Airport and Airport facilities to any such person if it is determined by the Airport Director that such denial is in the public interest.

100.10 – Consistent with Section 18-9-117 (2) notice of the promulgation of these Rules and Regulations and the possible penalties for violation is prominently posted at the main public entrance to the Airport.

100.11 – Voiding of any specific rule or regulation shall not affect the validity of the remainder of these Rules and Regulations.