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Rifle Garfield County Airport development guide

The Rifle Garfield County Airport development guide provides information on the guidelines, requirements, and application procedures for the airport.
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Email Airport Director Brian Condie

Atlantic Aviation
Jenna Pollard
Atlantic Aviation

Laurel Catto High Performance Hangars
Adrian Scaife
62’ x 65’ hangars in development for 2023 occupancy

GarCo Premier Hangars LLC
Please call Dan at: 303-884-0605
GarCo Premier Hangars
Custom executive hangars for sale and lease
Available now

Rifle Aviation
(970) 821-9175
Hanger rental and plane detailing

Blue Sky Mountain, LLC.
Tim Lindenfelser
Shared 100 x 70 sq ft Heated, restroom, small pilot’s lounge

100 WA Hangar Association
Lisa Balcomb
(No current availability)