You’ll want to review Rifle Garfield County Airport rules before flying into Rifle. They’re located in resources, to the right on this page.

Please check your current instrument approach charts before landing in Rifle.

FAA Advisory Circulars

For arrivals, pilots should:
Request Rifle from ARTCC
Request Rifle if you miss ASE or EGE
Request Rifle as your alternate to ASE or EGE
Request Rifle 100 miles out if ASE or EGE go down while in flight

For departures, pilots should:
Depart Runway 08 IFR
Depart Runway 26 VFR and obtain your clearance airborne
Do not depart runway 08 VFR for eastbound destinations and expect to obtain your clearance airborne
After getting clearance from Den ARTCC on 134.5 switch back to UNICOM 122.8 and announce intentions before proceeding onto runway.

Denver ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control Center) will have you in radar contact above the airport at 10,000′ MSL (Mean Sea Level).

RIL has a new RCAG (Remote Center Air/Ground) tower so you may contact
Den ARTCC on 134.5.

RIL ILS (Instrument Landing System) is now continuously monitoring making RIL available as an alternate 24/7.

RIL has a Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) available (ICAO identifier is KRIL).