$47,304,871 in upgrades completed in early 2011

$39.8 million overhaul/upgrades from the Federal Aviation Administration

• FAA Category B-II to D-II upgrade
• New seamless runway
• Full parallel taxiway
• New ILS approach
• 40% increase in ramp parking
• New Doppler VOR/DME

$7.5 million in upgrades from Garfield County

• Nine hangar parcels developed
• 3″ asphalt overlay of the ramp
• New light aircraft parking ramp
• New Airport Administration Building
• Water system improvements
• New perimeter roads
• New security camera system
• Upgraded ARFF vehicle
• New airfield electrical back-up generators
• New high intensity rotating beacon
• Complete fuel farm overhaul

Design standards
Runway length 7,000′ 7,000′
Runway width 100′ 100′
Full parallel taxiway no yes
RSA width 300′ 500′
RSA length 600′ 1,000′
Runway OFA 600′ 800′
Taxiway width 35′ 50′
Lead-in to fillets 100′ 150′
Fillet radius centerline 40′ 55′
Visual slope indicators VASI PAPI
Airfield lights MIRL HIRL
Runway slope 1.2% .8%
Approach lights none ODALS
IFR minimums 1588/5 1263/4

A perfectly smooth, seamless runway

The continuous paving process meant no transverse joints were created, causing no jolts for landing aircraft.

Hangar development area

The airport has developed two separate parcels of land for hangar development.The first area contains nine new lease parcels that will accommodate large hangars of 100’x100′ or larger. This area includes a new taxiway, roads, water, sewer and power and is designed for heavy aircraft traffic up to 134,500 lbs gross landing weight.
The second area is available for development of smaller hangars, t-hangars or shade hangars. This area is designed for the smaller aircraft under 12,000 lbs gross landing weight.