Master plan

Rifle Garfield County Airport in Rifle (RIL)

Welcome to the Rifle Garfield County Airport’s Master Plan information site.

Master plan

The Rifle Garfield County Airport (RIL) has received significant infrastructure improvements to the runway, taxiway, and apron system. As a result of these improvements, RIL has become a premier, business jet capable General Aviation (GA) airport in the state of Colorado and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Northwest Mountain Region.

The existing airport master plan for RIL was last updated in 2003. With the completion of these substantial improvements, many of the identified goals in the existing master plan are now complete. This Master Plan is a critical tool in helping to guide RIL and the community toward a new future.

Specific goals and objectives of the project

  • To the extent possible, utilize all existing and relevant information to ensure the most efficient and cost effective approach to the study process.
  • Conduct a public outreach program that is consistent with the needs of the Airport, Garfield County citizens, and the surrounding community.

Address FAA required/recommended planning tasks, including:
  • Update the forecasts of aviation activity.
  • Incorporate an element of “Planning for Compliance” review, including recommendations for land use measures around RIL.
  • Update the “Exhibit A – Property Map” as part of the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing set.
  • Clearly identify/verify the present and future role(s) of RIL via local, state, and FAA transportation and aviation system plans.
  • Review/identify the size and layout of airside and landside facilities to accommodate projected aircraft demand and maintain compliance with FAA airport design standards.
  • Develop a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and funding plan for RIL that provides the basis for future federal, state, and local government investment.
  • Review existing and possible future instrument approach procedure options and determine which will provide the best (lowest) minima that can be flown.
  • Develop a Business Plan to identify the vision and long-term strategic goals for RIL for each functional area of the Airport. The Business Plan will also summarize the economic contribution.

Master plan documents

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Introduction

Chapter Two – Inventory

Chapter Three – Forecasts of Aviation Activity

Chapter Four – Facility Requirements and Demand/Capacity Analysis

Chapter Five – Alternatives Analysis

Chapter Six – Environmental Overview

Chapter Seven – Business Plan

Chapter Eight – Business Plan

Full Plan


Appendix A – Aviation Glossary of Terms

Appendix B – City of Rifle and Garfield County Zoning and Land Use Exhibits

Appendix C – RIL Instrument approach analysis

Appendix D – RIL Preliminary cost estimates