Rocky Mountain Fall Fly-in

Official rules
at the Rifle Airport (RIL)
September 28, 2019
7 am – 7 pm

1. There is no cost to register for this event – you may register online, or at the airport the day of arrival. By registering for this fly-in event you agree to the following conditions.
2. Event price is 100LL at $2.50/gallons for registered participants only*.
3. Each aircraft is limited to a maximum of 100 gallons at the event price of $2.50/gallons.
4. Event price overall limit is 5,000 gallons at $2.50/gal.
5. Event price AvGas is available Saturday, September 28, from 7 am through 7 pm OR until the 5,000 gallons event limit is reached – whichever comes first.
6. Event price AvGas is only available from Atlantic Aviation’s mobile fuel truck.
7. Registered participants may contact Atlantic Aviation two weeks prior to the fly-in event and reserve event price fuel for their aircraft.
8. No event price AvGas shall be placed in or drained into any motor vehicle, fuel cans or other storage containers. No pre-purchase of event priced fuel on account.
9. The Pilot in Command is responsible to perform an accurate and proper weight and balance calculation to include the then current density altitude prior to placing a fuel order for their aircraft.
10. EPA rules and regulations are enforced at RIL. Pilots are responsible for any fuel that drains out of their aircraft onto the ramp. Carefully consider fuel expansion and the ramp slope of 2.3° before placing a fuel order. Any hazmat clean-up will be billed to the aircraft owner prior to departure.
11. Photographs and/or video purchased during the fly-in event from Air Show Productions may be used by the aircraft owner and/or pilot for: promotion, marketing, revenue generation, personal use, business use, public display or any other legally permitted use.
12. Photographs and/or video taken during the fly-in event may be used by Air Show Productions and/or Garfield County for: promotion, marketing, revenue generation, personal use, business use, public display or any other legally permitted use.
13. It is our intent to submit HD photographs to Trade-A-Plane for possible publication and promotion of our event. There is no guarantee that any photograph submitted will be used by Trade-A-Plane.
14. These rules may be changed or modified at any time at the discretion of the Airport Director to address any unforeseen circumstances, including suspected violations of these rules.
15. Participants shall abide by the airport rules and regulations.

2019 Event schedule
Saturday, September 28

7 am – 7 pm Event fuel price* for registered participants
8 am – 5 pm Flower Bombing event
11 am – 3 pm Rib City sponsored BBQ lunch for registered participants and guests

Aerial photography by Air Show Productions: $25* per flight from the Rifle Airport

* Must have fly-in registration number to qualify for all event discount rates and sponsored lunch. For questions or comments, please contact the airport at 970-625-1091, ext 4117.