Rifle Garfield County Airport named location for Division of Fire Prevention and Control Center of Excellence
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 — The Division of Fire Prevention and Control S(DFPC) today presented its recommendations and selection of Rifle-Garfield County Airport to Gov. John Hickenlooper as host community for the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting.
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  Live camera - current weather at Rifle Garfield County Airport

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Live weather cam
Our live weather camera above shows you the current Rifle Garfield County Airport weather. Live, 24/7 streaming video is available here. Be aware that the speed of your computer processing affects the speed of this download.

When the weather outside is frightful at higher elevations, there's a good chance there will be light winds, clear skies and clearer runways at Rifle Garfield County Airport!

Rifle weather averages
Average temperature (high) 64 degrees F - (low) 31 degrees F
Average precipitation 11.61 inches
Average snowfall 38.6 inches
January (high) 37 degrees F - (low), 10 degrees F
July (high) 90 degrees F - (low), 52 degrees F
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  Rifle Garfield County Airport (RIL) - is located in Rifle, Colorado, a mere 27 miles from Glenwood Springs, 46 miles to Eagle, 61 miles to Aspen, 65 miles to Grand Junction, and 88 miles to Vail. It is in the epicenter of Colorado's best Rocky Mountain to Red Rock Desert recreational and residential properties.  
  • The preferred alternate for Eagle
    and Aspen (which are closed at
    night frequently due to weather);
  • The preferred General Aviation Mountain Business Jet Airport in Colorado;
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days
    a week;
  • An airport with no noise restrictions;
  • A General Aviation airport of which security regulations of commercial airports do not apply; and
  • It is STMP (Special Traffic Management Procedures) friendly.

Brian Condie, Director
Rifle Garfield County Airport

0375 County Road 352, Bldg 2060
Rifle, Colorado 81650

Fixed Based Operator
Atlantic Aviation
0375 County Road 352, Bldg 3000
Rifle, Colorado 81650

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